Sunday, May 21, 2017

2017 Goulds Turkey Hunts-Lance Johnson Archery Turkey

Watch as Lance Johnson attempts to complete his Royal Slam with his bow and arrow.  This is the first afternoon hunt with guide Chris Roe and other Hunter Mitt Wardlaw.

2017 Goulds Turkey Hunt-Mitt Wardlaw Bowhunting

Watch the video above as Mitt Wardlaw executes a perfect head shot with his bow and arrow on this Goulds turkey completing his Royal Slam!  He was hunting with guide Chris Roe.

2017 Goulds Turkey Hunt-Bozo Ward's Single Season World Slam

Bozo Ward from Mississippi was able to finish his single season World Turkey Slam with us in Mexico.  He ended up harvesting three Gould's gobblers.  Congratulations to Bozo on his single season World Slam!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

2017 Goulds Turkey Hunts-Chris Coffey Double Royal Slam

Multi State Champion Turkey Caller Chris Coffey came to hunt with us and wanted to fulfill his double Royal Slam with two Gould's turkey.  He did just that and harvested a double bearded tom see the photo below!  Chris is one of the best callers we have ever hunted with and it was a pleasure to seem him work the birds.  Chris also treated us to his secret recipe for cooking wild turkey and it was tasty!

Friday, May 19, 2017

2017 Goulds Turkey Hunt -Tony Beverly and Stephen Pitts

We had a fabulous hunt with Stephen Pitts and Tony Beverly and they were able to complete their Royal Slams with us in Mexico.  The first morning we doubled off of the roost as you will see in the first video.  They brought their wives on the trip and we had a great couple of days enjoying the mountains of Sonora.

Guide Chris Roe is pictured here in the middle of Tony and Stephen.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

2017 Goulds Turkey Hunting-Mahlon Stoltzfus

Mahlon Stoltzfus from Pennsylvania came out and hunted with us for the 2017 season for Goulds turkey.  he hunted for two birds and had some great hunts with guide Chris Roe.  Make sure to watch the second video as there is an unbelievable gobbler fight.  Congrats Mahlon!

2017 Goulds Turkey Hunt-Tim and Jacque Phillips Double Royal Slams

Tim and Jacque Phillips joined us on their Gould's turkey hunt from Mississippi.  They were able to each harvest two Gould's turkeys and we had a ball chasing the birds around and getting great video of their hunts.  Both Tim and Jacque completed their Double Royal Slams with us and we look forward to having them hunt with us once again!