Sunday, June 4, 2023

2023 Mexico Gould's Turkey Season comes to an End

The 2023 Mexico Gould's Turkey season has come to an end.  Overall we had a fantastic season and we are looking forward to our 14th season in the Spring of 2024.  We are continuing to update this website from our hunts with many photos and videos left to be posted.  Please stay tuned here for more action from the 2023 season and we have just begun loading videos on to our YOUTUBE channel.  Please see a few of the testimonials from our hunters in the 2023 season below.  Thanks to all of our hunters who trusted us with their once in a lifetime hunt and our guides for all of their hard work and efforts.  We are now booking for 2024 and 2025. Send Director of Operations Phil Cramer an email at or text/call him on his cell at 623-308-2228 to receive information or book a hunt for 2024/2025

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Watch our videos on our YOUTUBE Channel.  We will be updating the videos over the next few weeks.

Testimonials from some of our 2023 Hunters

My entire experience dealing with Jay Scott Outdoors was top notch. Great customer service, top tier Guides and accommodations, All this backed by incredible Turkey Hunting. Pat Newcomb Asheville NC Spring 2023

We had a fantastic time on our very successful hunt in gorgeous country far from civilization! We especially appreciated the dedication to watching the show before finishing each hunt. Jay and the ranch owner were great hosts! Tim Coyle Columbia Missouri Spring 2023 

My son, Alex, and I looked to complete our Royal Slam, and we knew we wanted the best experience we could find, that also had the highest success rates and reviews from other hunters. Our experience was simply that, the best. Since getting back home, I have told many people that have asked that our hunt was the most authentic experience I have had chasing turkeys. From Easterns, Merriams, Rios, and Osceolas, this Gould’s hunt was just a different experience. -Kyle and Alex Stout, Martinsville, Indiana Spring 2023


I can’t say enough good about our trip, Kade worked very hard at making our trip special, he’s a professional and just an all round great guy, the communication from you and your staff made the travel seem less, and the hunting was second to none and the amount of jakes we saw is going to be awesome for everyone in the years to come. I highly recommend everyone trying this you won’t regret it, if you’re looking to make great memories this is the place to do it! Brandon shoulders Spring 2023

Jay Scott Outdoors… Only thing I can say is First Class! These Gould Turkeys in MX are awesome to hunt. Phil was an awesome guide and put us on the birds for 3 straight days! Great accommodations! Great food! Great fellowship! The little things done behind the scene to get our birds back to the USA did not go unnoticed. Jay Scott Outdoors created memories that will last a lifetime and I will most definitely be back!!

Dustin Creel Spring 2023

Was it my love for my husband or the promise that I could choose our next vacation that made me agree to go to Mexico to hunt turkeys? I am not sure, but I am now so glad I did. Phil Cramer took the best care of us and I had a wonderful time. The accommodations including the ranch house and chef Ricardo were top notch, and we immediately got into some turkeys night one. As a first time hunter looking for a flawless fan, Phil was beyond patient with me and made sure I felt completely comfortable throughout the trip. Not sure if I will ever have the same passion for hunting as my husband, but the experience, scenery, and people were amazing! Emily Ryals Spring 2023

Life is an adventure, get out and live it.  This Gould’s turkey trip will go down as one of my favorite trips of all time! Thank you, Sir!!  Going into the hunt, I really couldn’t believe I was going to drop that much money on a Turkey hunt.  I’m really not even much of a Turkey hunter.  I’ve always mostly just hunted big game.  I have to say though that it was worth every dang penny I spent.  I will definitely do it again!!  It’s crazy, but that Gould’s hunt is way more than just a Turkey hunt.  Wes Armstrong Spring 2023

Thanks Jay Scott Outdoors for an exciting hunting experience! Excellent communication,outstanding guide as well as having the opportunity to hunt on beautiful landscape with plenty of turkeys. Top shelf in every respect !

Larry Villines Spring 2023 

This was my second year in a row hunting Goulds in Mexico with Jay Scott. The last two years have been so wonderful that I am booking year three. I enjoy turkey hunting more than anything else, and was able to get my royal slam last year. Without a doubt hunting Goulds in Mexico with Jay has been my all time favorite hunting experience ever!  The Goulds put on quite the show, and every avid turkey hunter should come and experience this with Jay. Scott Bivens Spring 2023

My best friend (Jeff schlup) and I had an amazing goulds turkey hunting  trip to Mexico with Jay Scott and his team of guides! We killed 4 birds inside of an hour on morning 1. Tons of birds and we literally had a gobbler land 2ft from the gun barrel off the roost. Guide, food, and communication was top notch. We highly recommend and will be back again! 

Luke Lord 

KC, Missouri Spring 2023

If you love turkey hunting like I do you have got to make this hunt with Jay’s outfit. I am 75 and this was to be a one time thing bucket list item to complete Royal slam (mission accomplished).

I had such a great hunt and good time I plan to go again next year. Good accommodations, meals and great guides.  Can’t wait to go again. Joe McKeown Spring 2023 

My son Owen and had a great archery Goulds hunt with guide Kade Purser. Everything was top notch and professional with plenty of birds, we will be back. 


Steve Kinker Spring 2023 

Our Goulds hunt in Mexico was Epic!  The Goulds are beautiful, and this trip was one of our favorite hunts we have experienced. It won’t be our last we will be back to have more Goulds adventures! Shout out and Thank you to Kade Purser you are an amazing guide and Jay Scott you have a top-notch organized outfitter business! Our rating is 5 Stars to everyone who asks us about this trip!  Sam and Linda Gaylord, Old Barn Taxidermy Spring 2023

One of my favorite things to do is hunt with my dad, especially turkey.

After hearing stories about my dad's first trip to Mexico, he insisted I had to go with him. The two gobblers that Jay Scott called in for me turned out to be an experience I'll never forget. Jay Scott has an unrivaled and infectious passion for the outdoors and hunting that every avid turkey hunter can admire. Anyone looking to check off their Gould's should, without a doubt, book a trip with Jay Scott and his crew. Robert Bivens Spring 2023

Wonderful time in Chihuahua with Jay Scott Outdoors and guides Darr & Parker Colburn. Punched my tag for my Royal Slam first day on the ranch. Can’t wait to go back down. Truly an amazing place to experience. Brandon Melton Spring 2023 

Many thanks for organizing a great trip Gould’s turkey trip.  Dad and I both were successful. We hunted with Kade and Hunter.  Whole trip was Extremely organized and prepared.  Thank you again.  Absolutely a great trip. Could not be any more satisfied.  Cory Hoone Spring 2023

In April of 2023 I completed my Royal Slam with Jay Scott outdoors. This hunt went exactly as advertised he has many different ranches to hunt. These birds are not over hunted or pressured, which leads to an outstanding opportunity to harvest a Gould’s turkey. Very professional guides and overall operation. I highly recommend this Oufitter. Would I book them again? Absolutely!! Thanks Jay and Kade for a memory that will last a lifetime. Doug Beaird Spring 2023 

Our Goulds Turkey hunt with Jay Scott and his team in 2023 was awesome!  The ranch we hunted had an abundance of birds and our guide Hoke was truly a world class turkey caller.  It would be very hard to beat the experience we had and can't wait to head back! Brad Crews Spring 2023

This was my second Gould's Hunt in Mexico with Jay Scott Outdooors and his team.  We couldn't be more pleased with both hunts and experiences.  His crew all make sure you have a great experience and hunt.  Now both my sons and I are Royal Slammers! Tony Brunini Spring 2023

Getting a Gould’s Turkey has always been high on my list and I could not of picked a better place to go to then Jay Scott Outdoors. Nothing compares to how good the hunting is, turkeys are everywhere, the food is great, the accommodations are rustic and comfortable, and you truly get the Mexican experience! Cannot say enough great things about their operation and look forward to going back! Josh Anderson Alto, GA Spring 2023

Mexico was a hunt like I’ve never experienced!! We made memories that surpassed some of our best hunts. The guides were top notch and will be lifelong friends. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone and gave us memories we’ll never forget. All and all a phenomenal experience!
We honestly had a blast with kade and hunter, only getting to know them for a short couple days you would’ve thought we’d known each other for years!

I/ we appreciate everything, that completed my royal slam, but that wasn’t even the best memory.  Thanks again,
Darik Zobrist St. Jacob, IL Spring 2023

My wife was feeling guilty about us not doing much for my 40th birthday. I was able to leverage that guilt into a trip I've been wanting to do for years. With an added bonus of my 12 year old son joining me. It was an adventure from start to finish.  Staying on a ranch that makes you feel like you have gone back in time 150 years, in all the best ways, and being able to harvest a beautiful mature tom are memories I'll have forever.  Without a doubt, though the high light was not only seeing my son get a great bird, but to see his passion for the outdoors and hunting go to the next level was worth every penny.  Kevin and Barrett Mortenson Spring 2023

Jay Scott and his outfit have some incredible ranches to hunt in Chihuahua. We hunted a new ranch he picked up this year and it was full of birds. It’s always fun hunting birds that have not been pressured before.  Chase Phillips Spring 2023

I booked a trip with Jay Scott for the 2023 season to get my Gould’s turkeys for my 2 Royal Slams. What an awesome trip! I was fortunate to get a nice Gould’s gobbler with my bow the first evening and another nice Gould’s gobbler with the gun the very next morning. Man them turkeys are aggressive and like the call. I enjoyed hunting with Preston and his sons. Great group of guys. I would highly recommend Jay Scott for a great Gould’s Turkey hunt. 

Thanks for the awesome hunt

Matt Queen Spring 2023

While traveling many miles as a solo woman hunter trying to complete my world slam and chase the 49, I have experienced it all!!! Many good and many bad outfitters and guides!!! When I started to plan to get my Goulds in Mexico, I had so many concerns about traveling alone. Jay Scott Outdoors immediately answered all of my questions and put my mind at ease!! He sent step by step instructions for what I needed to do as soon as I landed. He was in contact with me before I was walking off the plane. The ranch in Chihuahua was breathtaking!!! Top notch lodge and the food was amazing!!! My guide Mr. Phil Cramer was a breath of fresh air compared to the hunt I had just finished up!!! He is a very talented and knowledgeable guide and one outstanding Turkey caller!!!! I brought home a beautiful Goulds Turkey to add to my collection!!! I look forward to using Jay Scott Outdoors for  many hunts in the future!!! Carrie Kirton Spring 2023

If a Mexico Gould’s Turkey hunt is on your list @JayScottOutdooors and @Gouldsturkeyhunt should be your first call.  I can’t recommend them enough and do so with zero reservations.  I’ve been on quite a few guided hunts and these guys are a well-oiled machine.  Everything was flawless from my first inquires about the hunt until clearing birds back into the U.S.  This crew has it dialed in!  I’ll most certainly be back hunting in Mexico with these fine folks.   I  can’t thank Jay Scott, Kade Purser, Seth Meeske and the rest of the supporting cast for providing a world class turkey hunting experience.  Chris Peccia Helena, MT Spring 2023