About our Gould's Turkey Hunts

We are looking forward to the 2024 season which will be our 14th season hunting Gould's Turkeys in Mexico.  We have been guiding coues deer hunts in Mexico for 27 seasons.  We have 35 different Gould's turkey properties that we hunt in the mountains of Sonora and Chihuahua Mexico that span over 500,000 acres.  Jay Scott and his guides are the host of all of the trips.   


We hunt in the mountains of Sonora and Chihuahua Mexico.  Hunters have two different options for Mexico Port of entry.  Either they fly into Tucson International Airport and have a 1.5 hour drive (rental car) to our border crossing city of Douglas, AZ and Agua Prieta Sonora Mexico or fly into Chihuahua City Chihuahua Mexico on American Airlines via Dallas Ft. Worth Airport.  In some cases the hunters will stay in a secure and beautiful hotel the night before (either in Chihuahua City or Nuevo Casas Grandes) and the guides will pick you up the next morning to head to the ranch.  After being picked up we will go directly to the ranch.  It is best to usually plan on a half a day of travel to get to the ranches.

One of the benefits of our hunts that separate us from some of the others is our easy travel and quick access to the hunting grounds.  Most hunts are 3-4 days.  Our Hunters have had very high success rates on our Gould's turkey hunts.  We recommend hunters use our shotguns and APEX TSS Ammunition.  Call or email Director of Operations Phil Cramer (623) 308-2228 or email ant PhilCramer77@gmail.com or Jay Scott 602-803-0223 or jayscottoutdoors@gmail.com for  available dates, pricing and more information.

A typical day of hunting with us for Gould's turkeys goes like this:  Most of the time you Arrive at ranch in the afternoon in time to get an afternoon/evening hunt in.  We try to roost birds every night so that we have a great setup for the next mornings hunt.  The next morning we are up very early and get out to our roosting location and get prepared for the birds to start gobbling.  We settle in and wait.  We have good success usually right off of the limb.  We set out Dave Smith Decoys and try to be in the right place at the right time first thing in the morning.  We believe that setup is everything in order to be most efficient.  If the roost setup doesn't yield a big Gould's gobbler then we go to the run-and-gun method.  We head out on foot or in the Ranger to find some birds.  We stop often to try and strike a bird.  We repeat the process until we get a active group of birds.  We then get a late morning to midday lunch and a siesta.  We then head out in the afternoon and repeat the whole process until we have filled out on our birds.  We take lots of photos and video of the whole adventure from start to finish.  Gould's turkeys are usually very vocal and we rely on calling to harvest our birds.  You can get a feel of our turkey hunting style by watching our videos on this website.  We love to hunt in groups so that each person gets to enjoy harvesting their birds but also witnessing their friends having success also.  We have helped hundreds of hunters complete their Royal Slam and World Slams.

We can take solo hunters or customize groups for friends who want to hunt together.  We focus on the total experience of the hunt.  From the setup, the calling and the decoy placement, everything is calculated.  We have year around feeding programs on our properties to keep the turkeys well concentrated and healthy.  We believe it is more how you harvest your Gould's turkey than just getting your Gould's turkey.  If you need to complete your Royal Slam or World Slam then contact Director of Operations Phil Cramer (623) 308-2228 or email ant PhilCramer77@gmail.com or Jay Scott jayscottoutdoors@gmail.com or call 602-803-0223