Monday, June 10, 2024

2024 Mexico Gould's Turkey Hunt- The Godfrey Group

2024 Mexico Gould's Turkey Hunt- The Godfrey Group
We were joined by Dennis Godfrey, Elijah Jervis, Glenn Williams, and Lauren Brown.  They hunted in Chihuahua and were guided by Phil Cramer.  

Lauren Brown writes, “This last and final trip for the 2024 turkey season was the stuff dreams are made of. I landed in Chihuahua Mexico on Thursday and right away the adventure began. It took a 3 hour shuttle, overnight at a hotel and a 2 hour truck ride to get to camp.

We hunted some, checked trail cams on Friday evening, and made a plan for Saturday morning. 3:45am wake up call, 40 min ranger ride, and got set up with time to spare. They started gobbling on the roost early and came into the spread not long after that. It was a hell of a show. A bunch of toms with some hens, strutting and gobbling, l've truly never seen anything like it. I was so busy watching the show I almost forgot to shoot, but shot at the last one that came in and finished my single season royal slam

If you have any doubts about flying to Mexico to shoot a goulds with @gouldsturkeyhunt - you should book the hunt now. Even if you are a female book the hunt with @gouldsturkeyhunt! I can't say enough good things about @jayscottoutdoors and @cramerhunts .

I changed dates last minute due to some unplanned events and was pretty anxious about going to Mexico by myself, but I felt safe and taken care of from the minute I got to Chihuahua.

Everything was handled seamlessly from start to finish, the food and accommodations were great (the ranch owner's sister cooked some amazing meals for us and taught me how to make her secret salsa recipe) and of course the hunting was next level. I was lucky to hunt with 3 great guys and @cramerhunts 's knowledge on the area and the birds was impressive (his truck playlist was pretty cool as well. I waited to post about the trip until I got home because I wanted to take it all in, but I can't tell you how many times I sat there thinking, this is the coolest trip I've eeever been on. Thank you @gouldsturkeyhunt for making this girl's royal slam dreams come true.”

 We just finished our 14th season hunting the spectacular Gould's turkey in the mountains of Mexico.  We hunt both states of Sonora and Chihuahua Mexico.  Thanks to all of our hunters who trusted us with their once in a lifetime hunt and our guides for all of their hard work and efforts.  
We are now booking for 2025 and 2026 seasons. Send Director of Operations Phil Cramer an email at or text/call him on his cell at 623-308-2228 to book a hunt or for more info

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