Testimonials from Hunters

Billy Yargus-Woodhaven Pro Staff and NWTF Grand National Champion
I have hunted in Mexico the past two years with Jay Scott and have booked another hunt for the 2020 spring season.  Jay runs a top of the line Goulds Turkey Hunt and I recommend Jay Scott Outdoors to all of my friends.  It is truly a hunt of a lifetime.

Scott Ellis-Woodhaven Pro Staff and NWTF Grand National Champion
If you are looking for a Gould's turkey hunt look no further than Jay Scott at GouldsTurkeyHunt.com.  Jay's dedication to making the ultimate Goulds experience is unprecedented.  His success rate speaks for itself!

Steve Rinella of Meateater TV Show and Podcast
Jay Scott and Darr Colburn will give you the best turkey hunting experience you've ever had. They knew the area well and had a lot of gobblers lined up. We hunted two mornings and called in many birds. One day I passed on two mature gobblers that were strutting ten yards away just because I was having so much fun. Shot the third to come in. The other morning was similar; could have killed multiple turkeys and shot a mature tom that was gobbling and strutting his tail off within yards. (We filmed the hunts, so I have irrefutable proof.) The border crossing was no issue. Ditto with the firearms importation process. The people knew Jay and it was simple. Any uncertainty I felt about that part of the process was quickly alleviated. Accommodations were quite perfect. Clean, well-furnished, hospitable. The workers at the ranch were happy to have us and they showed it. Food was great, with nice regional color. Really, it's a magical place and a magical hunt. In my occupation I've seen it all, and these guys are the best of the best. Smart, curious, humble, and deeply inspired by the hunt

Aaron Warbritton-The Hunting Public
If you are looking to complete your Royal or World Slam, Jay Scott is the man!  Hunting out of the country can be a logistical nightmare but Jay is a pro and there were no surprises on our trip.  Not to mention there were turkeys everywhere!

Andrew Briggs
I've hunted turkeys my whole life, and I've had many hunts and every one of them was unique.  None of them compared to hunting Gould's in Mexico with Jay Scott.  The accommodations and the habitat were excellent but the hunting was truly exceptional.  You wont find a better outfitter for your hunt

Dallas Strait
My father and I enjoyed our hunt with Jay Scott of GouldsTurkeyHunt.com so much.  We have taken our World Slam and this hunt with Jay was the most organized and well planned logistics from A to Z.  Awesome hunting!  We highly recommend Jay Scott and his crew for anyone looking at a Goulds Turkey hunt.

Tony Beverly
I would like to thank Jay Scott Outdoors for making my Royal Slam quest and awesome experience.  Attention to detail, scouting, accommodations were top notch!  I recommend this hunt to anyone who still loses their mind a little in the spring.  Our wives tagged along and were in love with the beautiful ranch.  I know, good Lord willing we will be back!

Chris Coffey
I had the pleasure of completing my Royal Slam with Jay Scott and Hunter Haynes of GouldTurkeyHunt.com.  Jay exemplifies what you look for in a guide and outfitter.  His passion, excitement, hunting knowledge, and love for turkey hunting become quickly evident when hunting with him.  The beauty of the hunting property and number of Goulds turkeys was very impressive and the aggressive nature and vocalizations of the turkeys made for some incredible calling.  It was truly and amazing hunting adventure and experience!

Rick Oliver
If you want a Goulds for your Royal or World Slam don't spend your time and money elsewhere but with Jay Scott and his guys.  Top Notch!

Tim and Jacque Phillips
Our Mexico Goulds turkey hunt more than met our expectations.  It was truly a trip of a lifetime and we completed our double Royal Slams.  Jay Scott Outdoors and his amazing staff took care of every detail.  We can't wait to go again!

Mahlon Stoltzfus
An incredible turkey hunting experience.  Going on a Goulds Turkey hunt will be a thrill ride.  I highly recommend Jay Scott Outdoors/GouldsTurkeyHunt.com!  Jay, Chris and Hunter our guides were great!  The ranch that we stayed at and hunted was a true hunting dream.

Andy Melton
I am currently on the Cabelas Spring Thunder prostaff and have had the opportunity to turkey hunt some of the best places in the country. I can honestly say I have never hunted any birds like the Goulds before. They are extremely responsive to calling and love to gobble !!!  I will return to hunt with Jay Scott Outdoors and plan on bringing my son to witness this turkey paradise that they have to offer.

David Williams
What can you say about Jay Scott Outdoors?  The real question is what can't you say.   When my group and I set off for a Mexico Goulds turkey hunt, we had no idea how the birds acted or what they responded to.  On top of that we had to go across the border, but Jay and Darr were completely on point.  They took care of all the paper work and transportation to and from the airport.   The country was absolutely gorgeous while the accommodations were very unique and fitting to the atmosphere around you.  Now for the hunting,  I have never had so much fun turkey hunting.  Jay and Darr had done their homework and knew which draws and canyons were used more and put us on them.  The birds work great, are extremely vocal, and could not be any prettier!   You better believe I will be back.   If you do not believe me you can check out mine and Andy's hunts online at Cabelas SpringThunder 2013.

Joe Bittner
I set out to complete my Royal Slam with my Long Bow. And after seeing Jay Scott featured on a TV show featuring the Goulds Turkey I contacted him and let Jay know about my interest in getting the Goulds Turkey.  Jay Scott was quick to respond back and the trip to Mexico was booked.
Jay Scott and Darr Colburn are two of the best guides I have met. They are very professional and proficient in getting you across and back from Mexico.  I arrowed my two Goulds the first night in Mexico, and the first one of their clients to have completed a Royal Slam with a Long Bow.
If you are thinking about getting the Goulds Turkey and completing your Royal Slam I highly recommend Jay and Darr.  I would not hesitate to book another trip with them for future hunts.

Bill Wohlers

I had the opportunity to hunt with Jay Scott Outdoors and Darr Colburn in 2013 in Sonora Mexico and completed my Royal Slam.  The birds were plentiful and the scenery was spectacular.  Their knowledge of the territory and the bird habits was outstanding.  The accommodations were wonderful.  This was one of the best hunts I have ever been on, and is certainly an experience of a lifetime!  I was able to bag two Gould's gobblers in a couple of days.  I would recommend Colburn and Scott Outfitters without reservation and hope to return to hunt with them again soon! 

Matt Allen
If you want to hunt Goulds turkey then Jay Scott's outfit is who you want.  Crossing the border was a breeze the agents all seem to know him by name.  I harvested a huge bird with Hunter Haynes who works for Jay on the first night to the ranch. I plan on returning with my sons for a hunt soon.  Book a hunt with Jay! It will be top notch! 

Caleb Ronquest Spring 2023
Amazing!! What an experience! Hunting with GouldsTurkeyHunt.Com is simply that nothing short of amazing! Amazing Ranches, Amazing Guides, Amazing scenery and lots of Amazing Gobbling Gould’s Turkeys! I hunted with Phil Cramer and we were on turkeys everyday and that was with not ideal weather to boot! If you’re in the market for an Amazing top notch experience do yourself a favor and just book with GouldsTurkeyHunt.com
Caleb Ronquest May 2023

Doug Beaird Spring 2023
In April of 2023 I completed my Royal Slam with Jay Scott Outdoors. This hunt went exactly as advertised he has many different ranches to hunt. These birds are not over hunted or pressured, which leads to an outstanding opportunity to harvest a Gould’s turkey. Very professional guides and overall operation. I highly recommend this Outfitter. Would I book them again? Absolutely!! Thanks Jay and Kade Purser for a memory that will last a lifetime. Doug Beaird 

Brandon Melton Spring 2023

Wonderful time in Chihuahua with Jay Scott Outdoors and guides Darr & Parker Colburn. Punched my tag for my Royal Slam first day on the ranch. It did not disappoint. Can’t wait to go back down. Truly an amazing place to experience. Brandon Melton

Robert Bivens Spring 2023

One of my favorite things to do is hunt with my dad, especially turkey.

After hearing stories about my dad's first trip to Mexico, he insisted I had to go with him. The two gobblers that Jay Scott called in for me turned out to be an experience I'll never forget. Jay Scott has an unrivaled and infectious passion for the outdoors and hunting that every avid turkey hunter can admire. Anyone looking to check off their Gould's should, without a doubt, book a trip with Jay Scott and his crew. Robert Bivens

Joe McKeown Spring 2023
If you love turkey hunting like I do you have got to make this hunt with Jay Scott’s outfit. I am 75 and this was to be a one time thing bucket list item to complete Royal slam (mission accomplished).
I had such a great hunt and good time I plan to go again next year. Good accommodations, meals and great guides.  Can’t wait to go again. Joe McKeown

Pat Newcomb Spring 2023
My entire experience dealing with Jay Scott Outdoors was top notch. Great customer service, top tier Guides and accommodations, All this backed by incredible Turkey Hunting. Pat Newcomb Asheville NC

Tim Coyle Spring 2023

We had a fantastic time on our very successful hunt in gorgeous country far from civilization! We especially appreciated the dedication to watching the show before finishing each hunt. Jay and the ranch owner were great hosts! Tim Coyle Columbia Missouri 

Kyle Stout Spring 2023

My son, Alex, and I looked to complete our Royal Slam, and we knew we wanted the best experience we could find, that also had the highest success rates and reviews from other hunters. Our experience was simply that, the best. Since getting back home, I have told many people that have asked that our hunt was the most authentic experience I have had chasing turkeys. From Easterns, Merriams, Rios, and Osceolas, this Gould’s hunt was just a different experience. -Kyle and Alex Stout, Martinsville, Indiana

Brandon Shoulders Spring 2023

Jay I can’t say enough good about our trip, Kade worked very hard at making our trip special, he’s a professional and just an all round great guy, the communication from you and your staff made the travel seem less, and the hunting was second to none and the amount of jakes we saw is going to be awesome for everyone in the years to come. I highly recommend everyone trying this you won’t regret it, if you’re looking to make great memories this is the place to do it! Brandon shoulders

Dustin Creel Spring 2023

Jay Scott Outdoors… Only thing I can say is First Class! These Gould Turkeys in MX are awesome to hunt. Phil was an awesome guide and put us on the birds for 3 straight days! Great accommodations! Great food! Great fellowship! The little things done behind the scene to get our birds back to the USA did not go unnoticed. Jay Scott Outdoors created memories that will last a lifetime and I will most definitely be back!!

Dustin Creel

Emily Ryals Spring 2023

Was it my love for my husband or the promise that I could choose our next vacation that made me agree to go to Mexico to hunt turkeys? I am not sure, but I am now so glad I did. Phil Cramer took the best care of us and I had a wonderful time. The accommodations including the ranch house and chef Ricardo Paez were top notch, and we immediately got into some turkeys night one. As a first time hunter looking for a flawless fan, Phil was beyond patient with me and made sure I felt completely comfortable throughout the trip. Not sure if I will ever have the same passion for hunting as my husband, but the experience, scenery, and people were amazing! Emily Ryals

Wes Armstrong Spring 2023

Life is an adventure, get out and live it.  This Gould’s turkey trip will go down as one of my favorite trips of all time! Thank you, Sir!!  Going into the hunt, I really couldn’t believe I was going to drop that much money on a Turkey hunt.  I’m really not even much of a Turkey hunter.  I’ve always mostly just hunted big game.  I have to say though that it was worth every dang penny I spent.  I will definitely do it again!!  It’s crazy, but that Gould’s hunt is way more than just a Turkey hunt.  Wes Armstrong

Larry Villines Spring 2023

Thanks Jay Scott Outdoors for an exciting hunting experience! Excellent communication, outstanding guide as well as having the opportunity to hunt on beautiful landscape with plenty of turkeys. Top shelf in every respect !

Larry Villines 

Scott Bivens Spring 2023

This was my second year in a row hunting Goulds in Mexico with Jay Scott and his team. The last two years have been so wonderful that I am booking year three. I enjoy turkey hunting more than anything else, and was able to get my royal slam last year. Without a doubt hunting Goulds in Mexico with Jay has been my all time favorite hunting experience ever!  The Goulds put on quite the show, and every avid turkey hunter should come and experience this with Jay Scott Outdoors. Scott Bivens

Sam and Linda Gaylord Spring 2023  Our Goulds hunt in Mexico was Epic!  The Goulds are beautiful, and this trip was one of our favorite hunts we have experienced. It won’t be our last we will be back to have more Goulds adventures! Shout out and Thank you to Kade Purser you are an amazing guide and Jay Scott you have a top-notch organized outfitter business! Our rating is 5 Stars to everyone who asks us about this trip! Sam and Linda Gaylord, Old Barn Taxidermy

Luke Lord Spring 2023

My best friend (Jeff schlup) and I had an amazing Goulds turkey hunting  trip to Mexico with Jay Scott and his team of guides! We killed 4 birds inside of an hour on morning 1. Tons of birds and we literally had a gobbler land 2ft from the gun barrel off the roost. Guide, food, and communication was top notch. We highly recommend and will be back again! Luke Lord KC, Missouri

Brad Crews Spring 2023 

Our Gould's Turkey hunt with Jay Scott and his team was awesome! The ranch we hunted had an abundance of birds and our guide, Hoke, was truly a world class turkey caller. It would be very hard to beat the experience we had and I can't wait to head back!  Brad Crews

Tony Brunini Spring 2023

This was my 2nd hunt w Jay Scott & team. We couldn’t be more pleased with the two hunts. Jay's crew all make sure you have a great experience. My 2 sons & I are all Royal Slammers! Tony Brunini

Darik Zoborist Spring 2023
Mexico was a hunt like I’ve never experienced!! We made memories that surpassed some of our best hunts. The guides were top notch and will be lifelong friends. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone and gave us memories we’ll never forget. All and all a phenomenal experience!
We honestly had a blast with kade and hunter, only getting to know them for a short couple days you would’ve thought we’d known each other for years!
I/ we appreciate everything, that completed my royal slam, but that wasn’t even the best memory.  Thanks again,
Darik Zobrist St. Jacob, IL

Josh Anderson Spring 2023

Getting a Gould’s Turkey has always been high on my list and I could not of picked a better place to go to then Jay Scott Outdoors. Nothing compares to how good the hunting is, turkeys are everywhere, the food is great, the accommodations are rustic and comfortable, and you truly get the Mexican experience! Cannot say enough great things about their operation and look forward to going back! Josh Anderson Alto, GA 

Kevin Mortenson Spring 2023

My wife was feeling guilty about us not doing much for my 40th birthday. I was able to leverage that guilt into a trip I've been wanting to do for years. With an added bonus of my 12 year old son joining me. It was an adventure from start to finish.  Staying on a ranch that makes you feel like you have gone back in time 150 years, in all the best ways, and being able to harvest a beautiful mature tom are memories I'll have forever.  Without a doubt, though the high light was not only seeing my son get a great bird, but to see his passion for the outdoors and hunting go to the next level was worth every penny.  Kevin and Barrett Mortenson

Chase Phillips Spring 2023

Jay Scott and his outfit have some incredible ranches to hunt in Chihuahua. We hunted a new ranch he picked up this year and it was full of birds. It’s always fun hunting birds that have not been pressured before.  Chase Phillips

Matt Queen Spring 2023

I booked a trip with Jay Scott for the 2023 season to get my Gould’s turkeys for my 2 Royal Slams. What an awesome trip! I was fortunate to get a nice Gould’s gobbler with my bow the first evening and another nice Gould’s gobbler with the gun the very next morning. Man them turkeys are aggressive and like the call. I enjoyed hunting with Preston and his sons. Great group of guys. I would highly recommend Jay Scott for a great Gould’s Turkey hunt. 

Thanks for the awesome hunt

Matt Queen

Carrie Kirton Spring 2023

While traveling many miles as a solo woman hunter trying to complete my world slam and chase the 49, I have experienced it all!!! Many good and many bad outfitters and guides!!! When I started to plan to get my Goulds in Mexico, I had so many concerns about traveling alone. Jay Scott Outdoors immediately answered all of my questions and put my mind at ease!! He sent step by step instructions for what I needed to do as soon as I landed. He was in contact with me before I was walking off the plane. The ranch in Chihuahua was breathtaking!!! Top notch lodge and the food was amazing!!! My guide Mr. Phil Cramer was a breath of fresh air compared to the hunt I had just finished up!!! He is a very talented and knowledgeable guide and one outstanding Turkey caller!!!! I brought home a beautiful Goulds Turkey to add to my collection!!! I look forward to using Jay Scott Outdoors for  many hunts in the future!!! Carrie Kirton

Chris Peccia Spring 2023

If a Mexico Gould’s Turkey hunt is on your list @JayScottOutdooors and @Gouldsturkeyhunt should be your first call.  I can’t recommend them enough and do so with zero reservations.  I’ve been on quite a few guided hunts and these guys are a well-oiled machine.  Everything was flawless from my first inquires about the hunt until clearing birds back into the U.S.  This crew has it dialed in!  I’ll most certainly be back hunting in Mexico with these fine folks.   I  can’t thank Jay Scott, Kade Purser, Seth Meeske and the rest of the supporting cast for providing a world class turkey hunting experience.  Chris Peccia Helena, MT

Testimonials from 2024 Goulds Hunters
Kent Hager writes “the whole experience with Jay Scott Outdoors from start to finish was far better than expected. The accommodations and birds were far better than I had envisioned. Preston was a top notch guide in every aspect, the food was amazing, I will definitely be back in the next couple years”

Corey Brigham writes, “Absolutely incredible experience with the guys from Goulds Turkey Hunt.  From the traveling across the border to the ranch and back was flawless. Amazing food and plentiful beautiful birds. Well organized operation. Thanks for having us and I will definitely be returning in the future.”

Lee Monsees writes “Awesome hunt with Jay Scott Outdoors and GouldsTurkeyHunt.com. This Gould’s hunt finished off my world slam and was nothing short than epic. I can’t wait to go back. Working on booking to take my 15 year old son back next year to work on his slam. Thanks Kade and Jay Scott outdoors for a Gould’s hunt of a lifetime”

Jeff McAfee writes, “The Jay Scott Outdoors Gould’s turkey hunting experience was an over the top experience in every aspect. The amenities of the hunt in regards to the housing and meals far exceeded expectations. The staff was all polite and willing to help in every way they could. The hunt itself self was an experience of a life time with the number of turkeys, the way they react to calls and they put on some of the best shows you’ll ever see from turkeys. I've been hunting them 44 years and this was the best hunt I've ever been on. Made a livelong friend with Preston he is top shelf. Loved the food the ranch house country is absolutely beautiful. The lord willing I will be back. I did a lot of research and you run a top notch outfit. Thanks for the memories.”

Aaron Cook writes, “Jay, the experience was amazing, far beyond anything I had expected or felt worthy to experience. Our guide Preston was top notch in every way, thank goulds turkey hunts for memories of a lifetime. I will definitely be back again.”

Joe McKeown writes, “I didn’t think that last year’s hunt with Jay Scott in Mexico for Gould’s could be topped but I sure was wrong. This week’s hunt was fantastic. I really enjoyed the guides Kade and Beto and the cook.  The lodge, food and everything was top notch. It was just over too quick as I doubled the first morning. I am ready to book again for next year!

Tony Payne writes, “Good evening Jay! Jay Scott’s Gould’s Turkey Hunt in Mexico is a dream that comes true! The safety and ‘feel at home’ hunting atmosphere with this outfit is top notch. The territory hunted is bar none, the best ground around inhabited by the Gould’s Turkey. Lots of birds, lots of fun, great people; all of that creates and has created the highest Gould’s turkey harvest adventure! I will be back! Thank you!

Brent Roberson writes, “Had an awesome hunt and overall great time with Jay Scott Outdoors. Darr and Parker are great guides and knew the terrain and lay of the land and how the birds would work. Everyone involved was very helpful in any kind of help or questions I may a had. This was my first hunt with any outfitters and it was top notch. This hunt completed my Royal slam and glad I went.”

Mark Bardenwerper writes, “Jay Scott and his crew at GouldsTurkeyHunt.com Exceeded expectations, hope to make this an annual stop !”

Mitch Cohen writes, “Awesome experience with Jay Scott GouldsTurkeHunt!! Really enjoyed our guide, Nate Diamond, and all the folks we met at the ranch. Hope we are back soon !!”

Crystal Beachy writes, “The GOULDS.  This was the best five days of hunting l've ever experienced.
@jayscottoutdoors lives up to his reputation, he is the world's finest.  You can watch the trip first hand on YouTube @bluegabe now! You'll get to see the full hunt, and even hear world champion @billyyargus call in these birds! The four of us had the best time chasing turkeys together through the beautiful mountain terrain of Mexico.  Thank you Jay Scott and Goulds Turkey Hunt for exceeding our expectations, what a dang experience!”

Gabe Arrington of BLUEGABE YouTube writes, “Just getting home from one of the most amazing trips of my life! When we planned this trip with @jayscottoutdoors & @gouldsturkeyhunt we had no idea what we were in store for but now that it's over I can honestly say it was a trip of a lifetime and one @crystalbeachy_ and I will never forget! This is just a sneak peek, there's gonna be a lot more footage to come! If you've ever wanted to kill a Goulds Turkey,  @gouldsturkeyhunt are who you wanna go with! Mexico is safe and their operation is world class!”

Rich Biggers writes, “I had a great time hunting Gould’s in Chihuahua Mexico with my guides Parker and Darr Colburn. The entire experience was just like I watched in your YouTube videos. Parker and Darr went above and beyond to make sure the entire camp tagged out. I saw turkeys on every sit and was able to harvest 2 toms on my 3rd sit. I would absolutely recommend Jay Scott Outdoors/Gouldsturkeyhunt.com to anyone!”

Rick Sweeney writes, "Jay,  Thanks for such an outstanding experience chasing the Goulds Turkeys in the rugged countryside of Mexico. Everything was excellent from the travel, the amazing local food, lodging, and guides that even when not hunting were a constant service to all the hunters. I would highly recommend doing this trip for anyone. Lots of turkeys and never a concern with safety!"

Noah Watkins writes, “Jay, thanks again for a great trip!  Birds were plentiful and enjoyable to chase. Travel and hotel was well organized. For me, this met all expectations. Nate was a pleasure to spend our hunt with. He did a great job. Hunting at the Pilares with Louis was the highlight of the trip. Gracious host with a beautiful ranch. We look forward to a return trip in the future.”

Brett Grim writes, "Such a beautiful place! The scenery and a ranch rich in history! Hearing all the stories from the Ranch owner was a Treat... Where we hunted there was NO shortage of birds...plenty of opportunities... The authentic Mexican food was amazing.... I want to add, that I have hunted with many different Outfitters all over the world, Outfitters are notorious for not returning messages or leaving questions unanswered... Jay Scott and his crew always promptly responded to any question or concerns quickly, efficiently and timely... They were in constant contact and kept us up to date and informed every step along the way, even on our trip home... I can not say enough about how much I appreciated that... Thanks a bunch guys for a great hunt and experience...."

Nathan Hunt writes, “My testimonial: If you’ve never witnessed a sunrise glimmering through the tail fan of a strutting Goulds, your journey as a turkey hunter isn’t complete. Jay and his team have a tremendous operation - Truly a turkey hunter’s paradise!”

Catie Hunt writes, “we’ve hunted with Jay Scott Outdoors multiple times now. The scenery is incredible and the turkey hunting is spectacular. Words cannot describe how beautiful it was to watch the entire flock pitch off the cliff faces above into our setup in the canyon. I’ll remember these hunts forever!”

John Drummond writes, “So many positive things that I could say about our trip, but I’ll summarize with the following: Our experience with Jay Scott Outdoors was 5 stars. Our guides, Phil and Blake, worked hard before, during, and after the hunt to make sure our trip was a success. JSO definitely underpromised and over delivered! I want to share with you one of my favorite pictures from our trip. I love this picture because it reminds me of how Phil would meticulously fuss over every bird to make sure we got good photos. Just great attention to detail in all aspects of his job. I have so much respect for Phil and all that he does!”

Lyle and Wesley Padgett write, “our experience with Jay Scott and his team was outstanding. The guides are exceptional and do all they can to make sure you have a successful hunt. From booking your travel to getting through customs, they help and walk you through the entire process. We highly recommend them if you are looking for an outfitter to pursue Goulds Turkeys.”

Kenny Dorsch writes, “Can’t say enough about how great of a time we had. I loved my guide Jose Luis! We can’t wait to come back and do it all over again with his crew. Beautiful ranch, amazing food, great birds….couldn’t have asked for a better trip”

Lowe Morrison writes, “thanks to Jay Scott and Phil Cramer for a fantastic third Gould’s hunt with your company. Phil Cramer pulled out every stop to get us all tagged out. The ranch was gorgeous and I have never seen that much turkey sign in my life. This hunting experience is 5 stars all the way and I’m already planning on my fourth trip.”

Doug Reed writes, “Royal slam complete.  What an amazing experience. Just spent 5 days in Chihuahua Mexico hunting a Goulds turkey. I can’t thank my guide, Jose Luis, enough for an amazing hunt. He was on top of everything. He knew the land and birds extremely well. After getting to the ranch, he looked at a few trail cam pics and says “we have to sit here tonight“. I tagged out in about 2 and a half hours on my first sit. Then I got to spend the next couple of days talking with the ranch owner and exploring the 600,000 acre ranch while the other hunters got to fill their tags.  I have to say, Goulds Turkey Hunt is a top notch guide service. Everything was in order from the time you get off the plane until you get back on the plane to go home. The ranch I stayed at was beyond my expectations. The food and service was absolutely amazing. If you’re looking to do a Goulds hunt, this is the way to go.”

James “Hunter” Bass writes, “Can’t say enough good things about your operation from traveling and getting down there the communication with guides and transportation from the airport everything was perfect the food was great Kade was a phenomenal guide you can tell he has a true passion for goulds hunting and it’s not just a job he puts a lot of effort into making it a safe and successful hunt can’t wait to get back down there in the near future to hunt with him again.”

B. Jayson Henry writes, “I just returned from an epic turkey hunting adventure with Jay Scott. Everyone in our party of six got their Birds and we were able to fully enjoy the experience in the rugged beauty of Chihuahua Mexico. This beautiful turkey completed my Royal slam and I couldn't imagine doing it any other way that was Jay Scott and his group of guides. Thanks so much for the Memories.”

Arlen Winter writes, “Jay Scott Outdoors was one of the finest Outfitters we as a group have experienced. Very friendly and organized, if there were any hiccups they were resolved quickly and intelligently. I Will highly recommended to anyone that is interested in a Goulds Turkey Hunt.”

Chris Bishop writes, “Although Jay Scott’s reputation precedes himself, I can’t say enough about how amazing my trip for Goulds Turkey was. From beginning to end we had turkeys all over us. The food was amazing, the lodging was incredible, the guides do an absolutely incredible job helping each hunter get on birds. Already looking forward to next time.”

Aaron Philmon writes, “Just wanted to touch base with you guys. I’m writing to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed myself on our hunt a couple weeks ago. It beyond exceeded my expectations. The ranch house was great the food was awesome. Our Guides Seth and Jose went above and beyond in working to get us hunters on birds, filling out all paperwork and getting us lined up to get back to the airport. I’ve never been on a fully guided hunt with lodging and meals and this one was 5 star, from the shuttle at the airport into Mexico the way back. Use me as a reference and I will definitely recommend Jay Scott Outdoors Gould’s hunt. Thanks for a great hunt.”

Tom Booth writes, “My Gould’s hunt with Jay Scott Outdoors was everything I hoped it would be!
Darr and Parker were excellent guides, and this father and son duo are of the highest quality character imaginable!  All of the details were professionally handled, making all of the travel as smooth as possible.  I highly recommend Jay Scott Outdoors”

Dave King writes, “Guides Darr and Parker Colburn made our effort to get our Gould's turkeys extremely enjoyable. Their knowledge of the birds and our Chihuahua ranch was the difference maker in all of us tagging birds. Definitely recommend booking with www.gouldsturkeyhunt.com if you're in need of a Gould's or just looking for a fun adventure. Awesome Trip!”

Jason Uhl writes, “Archery Royal Slam!! Mexico Goulds Turkey. I am one of 21 people to accomplish a registered Royal Slam with a bow!! A Royal Slam consists of all 4 subspecies of Turkey in the US (Eastern, Merriams, Rio Grande, and Osceola) AND the Mexico Goulds Turkey. We hunted at an off grid ranch that had over 12,500 acres of the most beautiful country I have ever seen. I can't say enough about Jay Scott Outdoors and GouldsTurkeyHunt.com  This was one of the best guided hunts I have ever had. Everything was planned perfectly and I had an exceptional guide that had the birds scouted and a good blind to hunt out of. I harvested this bird in the first evening of the hunt. I went out with the other 2 hunters that were in my camp and helped call in birds for them too! This was going to be a "one and done" hunt for me, but after this experience, I will be back for more!!  Cheers to finally finding a good outfitter!”

Tim Day writes, “The hunt with Jay Scott Outdoors was superbly done. Very professional. Outstanding friendly guide and the ranch owner was present and very helpful and personable. There were 10 gobblers present at every setup. There were at least three mature gobblers within 20 yards at every setup. Highly recommend this hunt”

Justin Milizio writes, “I had a blast down in Mexico hunting with Jay Scott’s team. Our guide Kade put us on turkeys in no time and the birds put on show after show! Friends and family members had concerns over how safe it was to travel to Mexico and anyone contemplating this trip should not worry. Jays team has worked hard to make sure every step of the trip is easy and safe for his hunters.”

Elliott and Jared Mallard write, “What an unbelievable experience to the Sierra Madres of Chihuahua. The whole process, From the booking, to the hotel, to the paperwork, Jay Scott and Phil Cramer and the crew made everything seamless. Waking up to cold temperatures in the morning hearing birds gobbling everywhere on the roost. Returning to the lodge to home cooked meals after every hunt, followed by the optional cerveza and swapping stories with the other hunters. Our guide Jose was everything anyone could ask for in a guide. He knew the land and the birds as good as they come. 100% recommended to everyone and we can’t wait to be back!”

Erik Guggenheim writes, “Mexico is the land of Turkey dreams. I just finished my Single Season Royal Slam with Jay Scott and what I thought was a one time trip is now going to be a regular event. His team is more than professional; they are the best. This is what pure turkey hunting is and an experience you have to see to believe.”

Dan Bennett writes, “Goulds turkey hunt in Mexico with Jay Scott Outdoors was more than a hunt, it was a true adventure! The attention to detail the staff puts into everything from the time the hunt is booked, through you dropping your bird off at the taxidermist, makes for an incredibly smooth and comfortable experience. Every aspect of the hunt was beyond my expectations and filled with excitement along the way.”

Lauren Brown writes, “This last and final trip for the 2024 turkey season was the stuff dreams are made of. I landed in Chihuahua Mexico on Thursday and right away the adventure began. It took a 3 hour shuttle, overnight at a hotel and a 2 hour truck ride to get to camp.  We hunted some, checked trail cams on Friday evening, and made a plan for Saturday morning. 3:45am wake up call, 40 min ranger ride, and got set up with time to spare. They started gobbling on the roost early and came into the spread not long after that. It was a hell of a show. A bunch of toms with some hens, strutting and gobbling, l've truly never seen anything like it. I was so busy watching the show I almost forgot to shoot, but shot at the last one that came in and finished my single season royal slam
If you have any doubts about flying to Mexico to shoot a goulds with @gouldsturkeyhunt - you should book the hunt now. Even if you are a female book the hunt with @gouldsturkeyhunt! I can't say enough good things about @jayscottoutdoors and @cramerhunts .
I changed dates last minute due to some unplanned events and was pretty anxious about going to Mexico by myself, but I felt safe and taken care of from the minute I got to Chihuahua.
Everything was handled seamlessly from start to finish, the food and accommodations were great (the ranch owner's sister cooked some amazing meals for us and taught me how to make her secret salsa recipe) and of course the hunting was next level. I was lucky to hunt with 3 great guys and @cramerhunts 's knowledge on the area and the birds was impressive (his truck playlist was pretty cool as well. I waited to post about the trip until I got home because I wanted to take it all in, but I can't tell you how many times I sat there thinking, this is the coolest trip I've ever been on. Thank you @gouldsturkeyhunt for making this girl's royal slam dreams come true.”

James Cantrell writes, “We just got back home from our turkey hunt with Goulds Turkey Hunt and Jay Scott. Our guide Phil Cramer was super helpful in all aspects and a great guy to be around. My family and I had a wonderful time and harvested 3 Goulds in one day and will highly recommend y’all to everyone we know. Thank you again!”

More Testimonials to come soon!

For More Info on Gould's Turkey Hunting in Mexico contact Director of Operations Phil Cramer (623) 308-2228 or email PhilCramer77@gmail.com or Jay Scott 602-803-0223  jayscottoutdoors@gmail.com