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2024 Mexico Gould's Turkey Hunt- The McAfee Group

2024 Mexico Gould's Turkey Hunt- The McAfee Group
We were joined by Jeff McAfee, Aaron Cook, Kent Hager, and Corey Brigham.  They had a phenomenal hunt in Sonora with their guide Preston Mercer. 

Jeff McAfee writes, “The Jay Scott Outdoors Gould’s turkey hunting experience was an over the top experience in every aspect. The amenities of the hunt in regards to the housing and meals far exceeded expectations. The staff was all polite and willing to help in every way they could. The hunt itself was an experience of a life time with the number of turkeys, the way they react to calls, and they put on some of the best shows you’ll ever see from turkeys. I've been hunting them 44 years and this was the best hunt I've ever been on. Made a livelong friend with Preston he is top shelf. Loved the food the ranch house country is absolutely beautiful. The lord willing I will be back. I did a lot of research and you run a top notch outfit. Thanks for the memories.”

Aaron Cook writes, “Jay, the experience was amazing, far beyond anything I had expected or felt worthy to experience. Our guide Preston was top notch in every way, thank for memories of a lifetime. I will definitely be back again.”

Kent Hager writes
“Hello Jay, the whole experience from start to finish was far better than expected. The accommodations and birds were far better than I had envisioned. Preston was a top notch guide in every aspect, the food was amazing, I will definitely be back in the next couple years”

Corey Brigham writes

“Absolutely incredible experience.  From the traveling across the border to the ranch and back was flawless. Amazing food and plentiful beautiful birds. Well organized operation. Thanks for having us and I will definitely be returning in the future.”

 We just finished our 14th season hunting the spectacular Gould's turkey in the mountains of Mexico.  We hunt both states of Sonora and Chihuahua Mexico.  Thanks to all of our hunters who trusted us with their once in a lifetime hunt and our guides for all of their hard work and efforts.  
We are now booking for 2025 and 2026 seasons. Send Director of Operations Phil Cramer an email at or text/call him on his cell at 623-308-2228 to book a hunt or for more info

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