Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Now booking for the 2016 and 2017 Gould's Turkey Hunt Season

We are now booking for the 2017 Spring Mexico Gould's Turkey Hunt Season.  2016 season is about to begin!  Check back for our results.  2015 was a great season with 16 gobblers harvested and several Royal and World Slams completed (see the 2015 highlight video below).  We had an awesome 2014 Gould's Turkey Hunt season with 10 hunters harvesting 15 birds and several Royal Slams were completed.  Click to see the 2014 Gould's Turkey Hunt Photo Album and the 2013 Season Photo Album.  Check out the video below of the  Bucket List TV Show that was filmed with us and 2014 highlights of our great turkey hunting season.  If you would like to go Gould's Turkey hunting in the spring of 2017 send me an email at jayscottoutdoors@gmail.com or call at 602-803-0223.  We hope to share a camp with you and help you get your Gould's Turkey!

E12-Goulds Turkey from Muddy Boot Productions on Vimeo.