Saturday, May 16, 2015

2015 Gould's Turkey Hunt-Preston and Donald

Our second group of Gould's turkey hunters was with Donald and Preston, who are hunting buddies from back east.  On the first afternoon after getting to the ranch we went out to hunt and roost birds.  They got a double about one hour apart.  The Dave Smith Decoys got punished on these hunts by the big Gould's.  See the videos below (Part 1-2).  Then the next morning, we went out together and Donald got his second bird off of the roost (Part 3).  That afternoon, Preston and I went out for the afternoon hunt where we had heard some different gobblers and it wasn't long before he had his second Gould's turkey (Part 4).  Hunter and I, had a great time hunting with these guys and look forward to doing it again.